Ensuring you get the best coverage for your property

Receive the Right Compensation for Your Home Damage

Was your home damaged by the storm? Icon Roofing will provide you with an honest and detailed damage assessment and estimate of the repair costs that you can use when negotiating with your insurance provider.

Get the Best Guidance on Insurance Claims

We’re not just storm damage repair specialists. We can also help you with the claiming process as we know that dealing with property damages is stressful enough. Our team can guide you through the paperwork and documentation required to ensure you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Track Your Project & Claims With Ease

Our customer job portal allows you to track your project and claims from start to finish. For every progress made, you’ll receive an email notification, making it easy to keep an eye on your project.

Storm Damage Repair Process Made Easy

Read what they have to say about their experience with us and how we’ve helped solve their roofing and home improvement needs.

Materials Delivery

Wait for the materials to be delivered a few days before the project start date.


We’ll remove shingles, felt, nails, and flashing before working on your roof. We’ll also ask you to protect or remove any ceiling fixtures or wall hangings as our work causes vibration to prevent damages.


We’ll use a commercial-grade magnet to remove all debris, leaving your roof in immaculate condition.

Final Inspections

After the job, an Icon consultant will inspect your roof and see if everything’s done perfectly.


Our team will start the installation of your new roof.

Let’s Schedule a Time To Talk

At Icon Roofing, we’ll ensure you’ll get fair compensation for your home damages. Need help with the repair work and claims? Let’s get started today!